You may encounter situations where your label prints but doesn't show test results unless you pick the smallest size. Here's a potential fix by editing the package
  • Click Product you're in an order and you get a warning about leaving the page say OK, you will not lose the order>On the Product page click the batch number of the product
  • On the product details page click the green edit package button on the left
  • On the package intake screen scroll down to test results. If the results box is empty try clicking the orange "show test results field" button & more than likely the results will appear below. If not you will need to gather the information & enter it here.
  • There is a green update label button to the left, click it once the test results are there& you will see them appear in the box above in a label printable format. o- Scroll to the bottom & click the grey save button& you're done! To get back to your order: